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Professional heating engineers or gas installers need a variety of tools for their daily work. To ensure that you have the right tools at all times and that you can supplement your equipment when required, our experts at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP have compiled a practical checklist. This list is suitable for all plumbing work in both the professional and private sectors. You can download it free of charge in pdf format.

Use the must-have plumbing tools checklist to equip individual employees with the necessary sanitation equipment so that the work can be carried out in the quickest and most convenient way. It can also help you to maintain tools that are only needed intermittently. Plumbers, heating engineers, or gas installers can then access these when needed, avoiding costly waiting times. A seamless supply of plumbing tools gives you a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Tools required for common plumbing jobs

The following list of plumbing and heating tools is suitable for the vast majority of plumbing work and is also relevant for heating engineers. Depending on the nature of your company, plumbing tools can also be adapted to specific areas of application, for example, if your company oversees the plumbing for a housing association where uniform pipe and plumbing systems are maintained and repaired.

In customer service for private customers, on the other hand, a wide range of plumbing tools is also required:

  • Pressing: Pressing tongs and jaws for different pipe systems
  • Cutting: Pipe cutters, pipe shears, cutter knives, side and thread cutters
  • Deburring: Pipe deburrers for metal and plastic pipes
  • Screwing: Standpipe nut spanner, sanitary cross, step spanner, spanner for angle valves, fitting spanner
  • Gripping: Pipe spanner, water pump spanner, plier spanner, chain pipe spanner, pipe bending spanner
  • Drilling: Tile drill, thread-cutting clamps, wet core drill
  • Files: Thread file for internal and external threads
  • Sealing: Silicone syringe with silicone cartridge, small welder for pipe systems, fabric and insulating tape, hose clamps, grommets, construction adhesive, rubber seals in various sizes
  • Cleaning and flushing: Drain cleaner pump, flushing and cleaning unit for heating systems and drinking water pipes, spiral and spiral attachments for pipe cleaning
  • Pumps: Leakage pumps, filling funnels
  • Measuring: Pipe finder, spirit level, inspection camera, folding rule, calliper, leak detector

Additional tools and utensils for plumbers, heating engineers and gas installers

In addition to the specialist tools for plumbing, other equipment is also required for daily work:

  • Cleaning the workplace: Wet-dry vacuum cleaner or industrial cleaning and sweeping equipment, disinfectant, descaler
  • Lighting: Torch, floor and flood lamps
  • Marking: Markers, waterproof felt-tip pens
  • Safety at work: Safety goggles, work and guide gloves, knee protection, breathing mask

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