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Warehouse & operations

Warehouse, factory and workshop items

Warehouse & operations Warehouse, factory and workshop items
  • Powder-coated, welded steel construction
  • Capacity 150 kg
  • Load surface with surrounding edge
  • Platform ladder with single-sided access and grooved platform surface
  • 4 movable steering castors for rapid repositioning
  • Grooved steps ensure safe ascending and descending
  from £729.60
  • Mobile partition with 19 x 19 mm frame thickness
  • 7 different widths for custom-fit installation
  • Straightforward bolted assembly
  from £40.85
  • Mat optionally available with studs or longitudinal grooves made from PVC foam (polyvinyl ...
  • Non-slip surface (R10)
  • Suitable for indoor workstations
  from £35.15
  • Traffic mirror with articulated bracket made from solid cast aluminium
  • Includes screws, dowels and screw bracket
  • Suitable for wall and post mounting
  from £135.85
  • Chain posts as set with either 4 or 6 posts
  • Solid polypropylene posts, hard rubber feet
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  from £128.25
  • Shrink gun with swivelling burner head
  • Includes replacement igniter and assembly spanner
  • Counting scale with backlit display
  • Stainless steel surface for use in hygienic areas
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to powerful battery
Price on request
  • For the organised storage of keys
  • Key board for 24 key rings in 4 rows
  • Can be easily attached to the wall with screws
  • Extremely robust and weatherproof with drive-over design
  • Reduces accident risks
  • Including mounting materials for ground anchoring
  from £56.05
  • Scissor construction for straightforward expansion and retraction
  • Easy transport thanks to low weight of just 2.6 kg
  • Just 240 mm wide when collapsed
  • Shrink-wrap device with swivelling burner head
  • Including storage case for professional storage
  • Replacement igniter and assembly spanner included in delivery
  • Set of chain posts with either 4 or 6 posts
  • Post made of polypropylene, base of solid rubber
  • Equipped with reflective stripes
  from £138.70
  • Partition with 20 x 30 mm frame thickness for maximum protection
  • Choose from 7 different widths for flexible configuration
  • Straightforward bolted assembly
  from £67.45
  • Compact design with a machine dimension of 198 x 360 x 686 mm (H x W x D)
  • Semi-automatic wrapper with almost noiseless operation
  • Binds everything from small packages to larger containers
  • Semi-automatic wrapper can be operated with one hand
  • Suitable for PP and PET strapping (polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate strapping)
  • Combines low weight with high load capacity
  • Dust control mat with herringbone pattern – made from antistatic polypropylene fibres
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • With floor-friendly vinyl back
  from £38.00
  • Mat for an ergonomic workstation design with noise- damping properties
  • Made from laminated PVC and thermoplastic foam vinyl
  • Suitable for indoor use
  from £90.25

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