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Top selling pallet trucks
  • Maintenance-free lift hydraulics
  • High agility thanks to 210° steering angle
  • Entry and exit rollers for easy lifting of pallets
  • Narrow design for extremely confined spaces
  • Maintenance-free gel battery – no water replenishment
  • On-board charger for flexible use
  • Different lift heights available (1540, 1900 mm)
  • Single stage mast with optimised view
  • Highly agile thanks to compact dimensions
  • Different lift heights available (2300, 2500, 2900, 3300 mm)
  • Powerful and efficient thanks to three-phase AC drive motor
  • Intelligent automatic shut-off when not used for 30 minutes
Top selling transport, warehouse & environment products
  • Completely welded
  • With bow-shaped safety handles
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Cantilever rack with a storage side for wall spaces
  • Ideal for storing long and heavy parts
  • Cantilever arms of equal length welded to the uprights
  • This sweeper is suitable for cleaning areas greater than 200 m² both indoors and outdoors: Ideal for frequent use
  • By pushing, you move the durable gear drive that sets the disc brushes in motion: Disruptive V-belt which may tear is not used
  • The turbo disc brush sweeping system takes up the dirt twice: First, the coarse dirt is lifted up via the counter-rotating disc brushes, then the additional sweeper roller sweeps up the fine dirt and all the dirt is then conveyed into the container at the back
  • Electric lifting and lowering of the platform
  • Fully variable hydraulic height adjustment
  • External control unit with pushbuttons, key switch and emergency disconnect