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Item number:  197380-GAA
Technical details
Drive manual
Aisle width 1792 mm
Control panel right-handed
Operator type Manual
Ground clearance 37 mm
Chassis surface powder-coated
Tiller surface powder-coated
Net weight 67 kg
Infeed rollers yes
Route Short distance
Chassis RAL colour RAL 5018 turquoise blue
Tiller RAL colour RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Fork width 160 mm
Fork length 1150 mm
Fork roller diameter 80 mm
Fork roller material Nylon
Fork roller equipment Tandem
Fork height 85 mm
Overall width 540 mm
Overall length 1540 mm
Handle fittings Rubber sheath
Pallet truck material Steel
Face of forks length 390 mm
Load centre 600 mm
Steering wheel diameter 200 mm
Steering wheel material Nylon
Grease nipple yes
Capacity 2500 kg
Steering wheel width 50 mm
Fork roller width 70 mm
Tiller height 1230 mm
Lift 115 mm
Lift height per pump stroke 7,5 mm
Lift range 85 - 200 mm
Steering radius 210 °
Fork support width 540 mm
Model Ameise® HPT A25
Pump strokes to max. lift height 15
Lowering speed with/without load 0,09 / 0,02 m/s
Turning radius 1275 mm
Product description
The robust and reliable Ameise® hand pallet truck is a real all-rounder that has proven its worth in continuous daily use. With a capacity of 2500 kg or 3000 kg and fork length of 1150, the Ameise® pallet truck has established itself as the industry standard for transporting Euro pallets in industrial, production and trade environments.
Durable high-performance hydraulic pump Low maintenance thanks to grease nipples Durable, torsion-free sectional steel frame Compact and agile in even the tightest of spaces Easy pallet insertion thanks to entry and exit rollers
Ameise® quality for continuous daily use - now with 2500 kg or 3000 kg capacity

The Ameise® hand pallet truck with standard fork length and 2500/3000 kg capacity impresses with its robust quality. This makes it ideal for all your daily pallet transport tasks.

The all-rounder boasts a durable, high-performance hydraulic pump made from high-quality steel with chrome-plated pressure pistons. The maintenance-free manual hydraulics are characterised by their oil-tight and waterproof hydraulic system. The welded, sectional steel frame is torsion-free and extremely hard-wearing. As a result, the pallet truck retains its shape even when carrying heavy loads. The reinforced tiller ensures maximum stability and durability when turning and manoeuvring the truck.

The ergonomic handle allows you to raise, move and lower your pallets with ease. The lowering speed of the load can be adjusted with fully variable precision via the hand lever. The tiller features a 210° steering angle, allowing the Ameise® pallet truck to be manoeuvred with ease in even the tightest of spaces.

The fork tips are equipped with additional entry and exit rollers for smooth running over thresholds and easy insertion into pallets. The Ameise® hand pallet truck with 2500 kg or 3000 kg capacity is available with a range of different tyres and roller types. Tandem rollers ensure easier handling and reduce point loading, especially in the case of uneven floors or when picking up pallets from the side.

The Ameise® hand pallet truck with 2500/3000 kg capacity is designed for continuous daily use. Purchase the hand pallet truck from our shop in your chosen configuration.
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