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Racks: Comparison of shelf racks

Racks can be tailored to different requirements, with choices ranging from classic filing shelves to special rack solutions.

Overview of rack systems

Racks represent basic, indispensable equipment in any business. They are not only used to store files and documents in offices, but are also employed in industrial areas, warehouses and workshops. Different rack systems are designed to meet different requirements, with customers able to chose the right solution to suit their individual working or operating environment. Many racks feature a modular design, allowing them to be adjusted in size and thus adapted, expanded or enhanced at any time. 

The main rack systems encountered in the industrial and commercial sector are listed below:

Each of these rack types has its own particular properties that make it ideal for specific applications. An overview of the various rack systems and their characteristic features is provided below.

Classic rack systems: Filing shelves

Filing shelves are a classic in the world of rack systems. They are used both in offices and archives as a means of creating order and providing a clear overview of the individual files. Filing shelves generally represent a cost-effective storage solution. The rack system is equipped with shelves that can be adjusted in height and provide space for numerous files. On some filing shelves, the individual levels feature end stops or centre stop strips, which hold the individual folders in place or prevent them from slipping through the rack. A system rack offering easy boltless assembly represents a particularly practical solution. This allows the rack to be erected and converted in a flash. Unlike other special racks solutions, filing shelves do not require a particularly high shelf load, with most racks able to accommodate up to 150 kg per shelf. 

Shelf racks as a versatile storage solution

Shelf racks are rack systems characterised by their distinct structure with individual shelves. This also includes the aforementioned filing shelves. However, shelf racks are a highly versatile solution that can be used for much more than file storage. Depending on their layout and design, they can also serve as room dividers or as storage space for office equipment, tools and other items. Double-row shelf racks are ideal for centre aisles and can be accessed from either side. Shelf racks are available with different capacities: Shelf loads of 100 kg, 200 kg or even 500 kg ensure that the rack can be adapted to individual circumstances and requirements, whatever the objects to be stored.

In the case of filing shelves and shelf racks, the bolted assembly system is the most cost-effective solution. When it comes to speed and flexibility, the boltless system is the perfect choice.

Wide-span racks as system racks

Wide-span racks were designed specifically for storing bulky, large-volume goods. They effectively bridge the gap between shelf and pallet racks and can be easily adapted to suit varying requirements. Wide-span racks are available with different profiles, dimensions and shelf options. As a rule, wide-span racks have very wide shelves to accommodate particularly bulky and voluminous items. Simple boltless assembly allows wide-span racks to be erected in a flash, while also enabling flexible conversion. As with shelf racks, wide-span racks are also available in double-sided format. Depending on the model, the shelf load ranges from several hundred to more than 2000 kg. 

Pallet rack: powerful rack systems for warehouses

Pallet racks are heavy-duty racks that are used to store goods on pallets. This offers the advantage that the stored items can be easily stacked and retrieved using forklift trucks. The height and width of the pallet racks can vary. Pallet racks offer very high shelf loads and are characterised by their outstanding stability, robustness and durability. A range of accessories allows this rack system to be adapted to individual needs: This includes back stops, pallet support beams, spacers, steel panels, angle beams, levelling plates and rear panel grids. It is also possible to install pallet pull-out mechanisms, which enables more convenient access to the stored pallets and their contents. 

Cantilever racks: storage for long and heavy goods Rack systems for smooth workflow: flow racks

Cantilever racks provide secure storage for very long and heavy items. Assembling such a rack system is particularly quick and simple when opting for a model with pre-welded cantilever arms. Integrated roll-off protection ensures that all goods are stored securely. Cantilever racks are available with arms of different or matching lengths. Customers can also choose between single- and double-sided racks as well as models with different capacities. 

Rack systems for smooth workflow: flow racks

Flow racks are rack systems that are filled with goods or pallets on one side and accessed from the other side when removing items. These racks are ideal for the "first-in-first-out" (FIFO) principle since the remaining goods automatically slide down when an item is removed. Flow racks ensure optimum space utilisation and fill levels. They are also a popular choice as an order picking solution.

Special racks: rack systems for exacting requirements

The diverse range of rack systems is rounded off by special racks – that is, racks that are designed to meet very specific needs. Some examples of such racks are provided below: 

  • Tyre racks (for storing tyres) 
  • Vertical racks (for vertical storage of goods) 
  • Mobile racks for maximum flexibility

The Jungheinrich PROFISHOP range includes a broad selection of rack systems to suit the most diverse requirements. From classic shelf racks to special racks, we offer rack systems for all work and operating environments. It is also possible to commission a complete, tailor-made rack system, including everything from planning and CAD drawings to final assembly.

  • Add-on unit with galvanised shelves, height-adjustable
  • 80 kg shelf load with unit load of up to 1650 kg
  • Rapid, tool-free installation and conversion thanks to boltless assembly
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  • Expandable base unit for single-sided vertical racks
  • Simple assembly with combined bolted and boltless system
  • Including galvanised floor tray for collecting liquids
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  • In galvanised steel plate
  • 150 kg shelf load
  • 5 shelves per bay
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  • Guide number block for the internal transport of goods
  • For optimising Goods Receipt, storage and Goods Outward
  • With different number sequences and in different colours
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  • Made from chipboard
  • Load capacity 600 kg
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Simple expansion of your pallet rack
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