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Electric Pallet Trucks and Stackers
All the Pallet Trucks and Stacker Trucks featured in this video are available to buy online. Select the truck that is of interest to you to find out more: Electric Pallet Truck, Electric Pallet Truck with Weigh Scale, Electric Pallet Lifter.

Ameise Electric Pallet Truck

The CBD 15 Ameise Electric Pallet Truck is available with two different fork dimensions: CBD 15 1150 x 550mm and CBD 15 1200 x 685mm.
Electric Pallet Truck With Weigh Scale

An Electric Pallet Truck with Weigh Scales - what a great idea! Move and weigh your items in one go. Choose from the EJE M13W (with 1,300kg capacity) and the EJE M15W (with 1,500kg capacity).