Order process

Ordering form the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP is simple, secure and fast.

Take a look at the steps below on how to place an order and all the payment methods available to you.

Online discount
Search and navigation

How to find the product you’re looking for.

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP offers you products from the premium Jungheinrich brand, our exclusive traditional Ameise® brand and some other additional top brands. You can browse products in our ‘Lifting and Stacking’, ‘Transporting’, ‘Warehousing’, ‘Business’ and ‘Environment’ web categories.

These categories can be found in the navigation bar (above), from here you can easily access the desired products you want to look at. The product lines are constantly being expanded and do not just offer you quality but also attractive product innovations at competitive prices.

Top navigation bar:

Use the top navigation bar to access the desired subcategories.

Filter function:

Within the subcategories, you have the option to limit the product selection by using the filter navigation function on the left hand side. This feature will help you find exactly what you want, quickly and easily.


You can also sort the displayed products in a multitude of ways, e.g. by relevance and by ascending or descending price.


The search function is also a great way to search directly for the product you need. Simply type in the name or description of the product you are looking for in the search box, and the results page will return you links to the page or pages you need. You also have the opportunity to filter and sort the results to obtain an optimum search result.

Log in and register

With Jungheinrich PROFISHOP, you have the opportunity to log in with a previously registered password, register a new account or place an order as a guest.

Log in:

You can use your access data to log in by clicking on ‘Log In’ in the meta navigation at the very top of the page (if using a smartphone, this function can be found in the menu).

If you have already logged in, you have the option to access ‘My Account’ at the same position in the meta navigation.

To log in you will need your; User Name and Password. If you have forgotten one or both, simply click on the link below in the login area. You can reset your forgotten password, and have your user name sent to you via email.


For a new registration, use the ‘Log In’ function in the meta navigation above. On this page, simply enter the required personal and company data in the left hand area and create a password. This password and your email address then become your user data which you can use to log into PROFISHOP.

The advantage for registered users is the access to ‘My Account’. Here you can make use of many service offers based on your personal data and your orders.

Now you can use all the advantages in the ‘My Account’ section, including an order overview and ordering quickly without re-entering your business information.

Ordering as a guest:

You can also make purchases from Jungheinrich PROFISHOP without logging in or registering. This is a so-called guest order. You do not need access data in the form of a password for this. At the end of each order you still have the opportunity to create an account at any time in order to enjoy the benefits of the ‘My Account’ area.

Ordering steps

Placing an order with Jungheinrich PROFISHOP couldn’t be simpler. A progress bar in the header highlights which step you are at in the process and what’s left to do.

Order step 1 – Basket

In the first step, you select your desired items from the product overview page or the detailed item page and add them to your basket. After clicking on the yellow button, you are taken directly to your basket overview. A green check mark indicates that you have added an item.

If you wish to continue shopping, simply click ‘back’ in the browser window. In the header the yellow highlight and the number in brackets indicate how many products you have already placed in the basket. Moving the mouse over this displays a small overview of the items added and the basket total. In the overview, you can click on ‘Go to checkout’ to go to your basket overview.

In the basket you can:

Change the quantity of an item.
Delete an item.
Move an item to the ‘watchlist’
Add an article via ‘Direct order’ (if you know the article number).
Print an overview
Proceed with your order!

Order step 2 – Log In / Register

In this step, you have the option to order as a guest, a registered user or a new customer. As a guest you do not need an account to make a purchase. However, if you are registered or create an account, you can enjoy all the benefits available in ‘My Account’.

The full details of how to log in and register can be found here: Log In and Register.

At this point it is also possible to specify a different delivery address and to provide additional information about the delivery. However, these are optional functions and can also be specified in the next step.

Step 1 ‘Basket’ and step 3 ‘Check & Order’ can be clicked at any time in the process to return to that stage. If you have already logged in and click on the ‘Basket’, you will reach step 3 as the next step. You do not have to enter your details again.

Order step 3 – Check & Order

Here you check your address details and your basket items then select your payment method.

The following payment methods are available:

Advance bank transfer
Credit / debit card

(More information about: ‘Payment options').

If you want to change something on the billing address, click ‘>Edit billing address’. This opens an area with pre-filled form fields. You can make the changes directly in this form and then save it. Before the billing address is activated, it must be checked by us internally. As a rule, this takes place within a few hours. Nevertheless, you can use your new address immediately.

If you have not added a delivery address in step 2, the billing address automatically becomes your delivery address. You can also change this via ‘> Change delivery address’. Once again, you can change the pre-filled fields. As a guest buyer, you may only manage this address. If you are a registered user, you may create an address book and add new addresses. You then have the option to select one of the addresses in the table for each order.

If you still want to change something in the items shown, then click on ‘Basket’ in the progress bar to access step 1, where you once again have all the opportunities described in ‘Order step 1’.

Finally accept our ‘Terms and conditions’ and click ‘Submit order’.

Order step 4 – Payment

If you opted for 'Credit / debit card', then you go on to step 4 to enter your payment information. This will of course be kept confidential. Once you have submitted the payment details, you are directed to the order confirmation page.


Order confirmation

You will then be sent to our ‘Thank you’ page to confirm that your order has been successful.

As a logged in user, you now have the opportunity to visit your account to benefit from the services relating to your order. For example, you can check your order status.

If you placed an order as a guest, you can still create an account at this point.

And that’s it – your order has been placed!

Wish List

Save items to view or order at a later date by adding them to your ‘Wish List’.

Simply click on the ‘pin’ icon in the grey selection area to add items to your list.

Then click on the ‘pin’ icon at the top of the page (next to the ‘Shopping Basket’) when you want to view them.

In your ‘Wish List’ you can move items directly to the ‘Shopping Basket’ or delete them at any time.

Payment options

In Jungheinrich UK PROFISHOP you can use the following payment methods:

Credit / debit card (VISA and Mastercard)
Advance bank transfer


Tip: Pay by credit or debit card to ensure the fastest delivery – as soon as we receive your online card payment we can start processing your order straight away!

To pay by credit /debit card, simply select ‘credit / debit card’ in the 3rd ordering step. Then, in step 4, simply enter your card details in our secure area. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

To pay by advance bank transfer, simply select ‘advance bank transfer’ in the 3rd ordering step. Once your order has been submitted, we will send you our bank details by email for you to transfer the full invoice amount to us. After payment is received we will then finalise your order.

To request to pay by invoice, simply select ‘invoice’ in the 3rd ordering step. Once we have received your order, we will conduct a credit check. Depending on the result of these checks we may contact you to request an alternative form of payment in order to be able to successfully complete your order and arrange delivery. However, if we can agree to your request to pay by invoice, we will continue with the order and send you the invoice after we have delivered your items.