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Item number:  197525-GAA
Technical details
Scope Outdoor
material Steel
Surface galvanised, plastic-coated
Height 655 mm
Width 270 mm
Depth 270 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Diameter 159 mm
Colour traffic yellow, deep black
Net weight 17 kg
Quantity of required dowels/armatures 4
Height above corridor 655 mm
Product description
The Swing impact protection bollard for outdoor areas minimises collision damage on vehicles and in the general environment. The bollard inclines by up to 25°, thereby yielding upon impact.
Made from hot-dip galvanised and coated high-grade-steel For outdoor use Robust base plate is anchored to the floor Max. 25° inclination angle Simple installation
Swing impact protection bollard – maximum damage reduction with progressive impact absorption

Boasting steel construction and designed for outdoor use, the Swing impact protection bollard serves as an effective safeguard for potential accident sites, such as pillars or entrances. The bollard is anchored to the ground via a base plate. The Swing impact protection bollard for outdoor areas inclines by up to 25° to withstand applied impact forces. This is enabled by an internal steel coil spring, which is connected to an elastic buffer made from polyurethane. The bollard automatically reverts to its original position after impact.
We offer the Swing impact protection bollard in a range of heights.

Minimise potential damage on vehicles and building sections by ordering the Swing impact protection bollard for outdoor areas from our shop.

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