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The Jungheinrich AM I20 stainless steel pallet truck with short forks is ideal for use in the foodstuffs industry or in areas prone to high levels of corrosion, such as those encountered in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Corrosion and acid-resistant chassis Closed fork tips to protect against dirt splashes Easy to clean Sliding brackets for easier pallet lifting Food-grade lubricants (class H1/H2)
Jungheinrich AM I20 hand pallet truck made from stainless steel – for harsh environments and high hygiene requirements

The Jungheinrich AM I20 stainless steel pallet truck with short forks and a capacity of 2,000 kg is perfect for use in tight spaces. It is an ideal tool for transporting Euro, display, half and quarter pallets. Thanks to the small turning circle and short headlength, the pallet truck offers maximum agility and manoeuvrability in narrow aisles.
The stainless steel chassis of the AM I20 pallet truck is acid-resistant and offers long-term corrosion protection even in the most humid environments. This makes the pallet truck ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The stainless steel pallet truck also satisfies the stringent hygiene requirements of the foodstuffs sector. All parts that come into direct contact with food products are made from acid-resistant stainless steel. Closed fork tips ensure that the fork rollers do not spray any water or dirt onto the transported load. Cavities are either freely accessible or fully sealed to enable effective cleaning. Only food-grade lubricants of class H1/H2 are used. The grease nipples on all movable parts ensure a long service life and easy maintenance.
You operate the robust and reliable hand pallet truck via a functional control element that is equally well suited to both left and right-handed users. The very short headlength enables safe, effortless use in even the tightest of spaces. Pallets are picked up with ease thanks to the entry rollers and sliding brackets on the fork tips. We offer the AM I20 stainless steel pallet truck in a number of different fork lengths. Depending on your specific application, you can opt for steering castors and fork rollers in either nylon or polyurethane. Polyurethane tyres ensure maximum comfort and quiet operation, while nylon tyres are characterised by their robustness and high chemical resistance. You also have a choice between single or tandem fork rollers.

The Jungheinrich AM I20 stainless steel pallet truck with short forks and 2,000 kg capacity is the perfect choice for humid and harsh environments. Order the pallet truck for exacting requirements from our shop in your chosen configuration.
2000 kg
Fork length
810 mm
Steering wheel material
Steering wheel diameter
200 mm
Fork roller material
Fork roller equipment
Fork roller diameter
80 mm
Fork support width
520 mm
Lift range
85 - 205 mm
Overall width
520 mm
Overall length
1145 mm
Load centre
405 mm
Turning radius
1000 mm
Net weight
59 kg
Tiller surface
Tiller height
1170 mm
Short distance
Face of forks length
335 mm
120 mm
Steering radius
220 °
Chassis surface
Ground clearance
38 mm
Aisle width
1810 mm
Fork roller width
90 mm
Steering wheel width
50 mm
Grease nipple
Handle fittings
Pallet truck material
Stainless steel
Operator type
Fork height
51 mm
Control panel
Fork width
160 mm

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