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Item number:  128169-GAA
Product variants
Suitable for tyres
Solid rubber
suitable for pallet trucks
  • Ameise®
Parking brakes
Suitable for capacity
2.500 kg
Net weight
2 kg
Screw assembly
Suitable for wheel diameter
200 mm
The wheel stop for pallet trucks with solid rubber tyres is easy to install and simple to operate. We offer 2 versions for hand pallet trucks with a capacity of 2000 or 2500 kg.
Wheel stop for Ameise® pallet truck with solid rubber steering castors Rapid installation between steering castors Simple operating concept with "Move"/"Lock" positions
Wheel stop for hand pallet trucks – for utmost security

The wheel stop for your Ameise® pallet truck ensures maximum security even for laden trucks and on inclines. The manual brake is affixed between the two steering castors. The brake shoes are applied with a simple rotation, with the "Move"/"Lock" positions clearly indicated on the wheel stop.
The steel construction is designed for use with solid rubber tyres. A grease nipple ensures simple maintenance of the wheel stop for hand pallet trucks.

Order the wheel stop for solid rubber tyres from our shop in the version of your choice.
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