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The VAR® pedestal ashtray, stainless steel, with roof, which is made of powder-coated steel plate, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The pedestal ashtray has a secure footing and can be anchored to the floor.
In stainless steel, rustproof Roof in powder-coated steel plate Includes padlock Galvanised fasteners for ground anchoring
Ideal proportions make it especially stable

The VAR® pedestal ashtray, stainless steel, with roof, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It is made of stainless steel and has a roof made of powder-coated steel plate. In addition, it has an insert for sand reduction and a galvanised sieve.
The padlock enables you to securely lock the pedestal ashtray so that it is protected against theft.
The lower section of the pedestal ashtray has a ground spacer. In addition, the galvanised fasteners of the pedestal ashtray allow for secure and stable ground anchoring.

Buy the stylish VAR® pedestal ashtray, stainless steel, with roof from our shop.
Outdoor, Indoor
960 mm
200 mm
Insert tray
Fastening material included
Net weight
14 kg
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