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Item number:  148486-GAA
Technical details
Wrapper type Shrink gun
Included/set equipment Assembly spanner, Replacement igniter, Storage case
Working pressure 1.5 - 3.5 bar
Burner performance 83 kW
Ignition process automatic yes
Net weight 1.3 kg
Product description
Use the shrink-wrap device to package goods of various forms with PE wrapping (polyethylene) for transport and storage. This increases the stability of the load and protects it from dust and water.
Shrink-wrap device with swivelling burner head Including storage case for professional storage Replacement igniter and assembly spanner included in delivery
Safe and gentle packaging with shrink-wrap device and PE wrap

With a hand-held shrink gun, you can fix PE shrink wrap tightly around palleted goods for transport and storage. This creates a tight connection between the load and the pallet. The slipping of individual goods is prevented and the wrap protects the load against the weather on all sides.
The shrink-wrap device is suitable for the processing of different wrap qualities due to its adjustable heating power. The hand-held shrink gun has a 360° swivelling burner head, which remains cool even during long-term use. This means it is very safe to use. The pressure regulator is fitted with a double cut-out switch to prevent unintentional gas leakage. An ergonomically shaped trigger and a low weight of 1.3 kg guarantee comfortable handling. The igniter can be replaced without tools. The shrink gun is provided in a set with a propane gas cylinder trolley.

Use the shrink gun to pack goods quickly and securely. Purchase the hand-held shrink gun and shrink wrap in a set from us here.
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