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When purchasing your Jungheinrich AMW 22p weighing scale pallet truck, why not opt for a calibrated version of the corresponding scales at the same time. The scales are calibrated according to class III (EU type approval no. T2782). Among other things, they are also suitable for determining the container weight based on individual weights according to SOLAS method II. The scales must be recalibrated by the weights and measures office every two years. This option is only available in combination with the Jungheinrich AMW 22p. Please order the relevant weighing scale pallet truck from our shop at the same time.
0 – 2,000 kg measuring range Display increments: 1 kg or 0.5 kg - 500 kg; 1.0 kg – 2,000 kg Max. 0.1 % deviation from measuring range
Technical Properties
- geeicht nach Handelsklasse III (EU-Zulassung Nr. T2782): 100 % Messgenauigkeit ohne Abweichung vom tatsächlichen Gewicht - bis 500 kg in 0,5 kg-Schritten - bis 2.200 kg in 1 kg-Schritten

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