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The electro-hydraulic AMX 10e scissor lift pallet truck, with special distance across forks of 680 mm, is characterised by its impressive versatility. You can use it as a hand pallet truck, lift table, provisioning table or workbench. It is ideal for transporting wide special pallets or multiple pallets simultaneously. At the touch of a button, a powerful lift motor easily raises loads weighing up to 1,000 kg to an optimum working height.
0.5 kW motor for electro-hydraulic lifting Maintenance-free 12 V / 70 Ah battery Simple charging via on-board charger Ergonomic tiller handle that can be operated with either hand Pressure relief valve protects against overload
Switch working heights at the touch of button

The electro-hydraulic AMX 10e scissor lift pallet truck, with special distance across forks of 680 mm,
is a premium Jungheinrich product offering durable and reliable quality. As a combination between a pallet truck and lift table, the scissor lift pallet truck is extremely flexible and versatile.
Thanks to the 0.5 kW lift motor, you can easily raise loads weighing up to 1000 kg to an optimum height, allowing you to work in an ergonomic, fatigue-free manner. In the case of frequently changing working heights, you can easily make adjustments at the touch of a button. The truck thus serves as an invaluable aid when working with pallets or pallet cages since you do not have to bend down and pick up heavy loads.
It goes without saying that you can also use the AMX 10e as a hand pallet truck to transport your goods. When used for loading work, the AMX 10e is ideal for lifting and transporting wide special pallets.
The lift/travel/lower functions are controlled via the ergonomic tiller handle, which can be easily operated with either hand. Thanks to the special lowering valve, sensitive loads can be set down with utmost control and precision. You can adjust the working height of the AMX 10e up to a height of 800 mm. As of a lift height of approx. 400 mm, the steering castors lift off the ground, with side-mounted support feet providing additional stability. They secure the pallet truck, which can then no longer move and thus serves as a useful work table. You also have the option of equipping the scissor lift pallet truck with lateral support rollers so that you can also move it when raised. The fork arms, with their closed fork tips and welded construction, are torsion-free and highly durable. As a result, the scissor lift pallet truck retains its shape even under the heaviest loads. The single-stage lift cylinder makes the AMX 10e particularly resilient and minimises the risk of leaks. The pressure relief valve protects the hydraulic system against overload. Thanks to the on-board charger, you can easily charge the maintenance-free 70 Ah battery at any 230 V socket.
Depending on the ground conditions and specific application, you can choose between a range of wheel and roller materials.

Benefit from an ergonomic working aid by ordering the electro-hydraulic scissor lift pallet truck, with special distance across forks of 680 mm, from our shop in your chosen configuration.
1000 kg
Fork length
1150 mm
Lift range
86 - 800 mm
Rapid lift
Overall width
680 mm
Overall length
1650 mm
Fork support width
680 mm
Load centre
600 mm
Steering wheel material
Fork roller material
Fork roller equipment
Battery voltage
12 V/per unit
Battery capacity
70 Ah/per unit
Net weight
162 kg
Tiller surface
Tiller height
1299 mm
Short distance
Lift motor output
0.5 kW
Lift type
Face of forks length
500 mm
Turning radius
1635 mm
714 mm
Steering wheel diameter
170 mm
Chassis surface
Ground clearance
30 mm
Fork roller diameter
82 mm
Aisle width
2005 mm
Fork roller width
62 mm
Steering wheel width
50 mm
Colour chassis
Jungheinrich yellow
Handle fittings
Pallet truck material
Battery weight
24 kg
Operator type
Fork height
53 mm
Control panel
Tiller RAL colour
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Fork width
150 mm

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