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The Jungheinrich AMW 22p hand pallet truck is a sophisticated, high-quality product for transporting and weighing your goods. The measurement interval of the display adapts automatically to the weight of the load.
Jungheinrich AMW 22p weighing scale pallet truck with four-cell scales Precise weighing, even on slight inclines Tare function, totals memory, automatic zero correction and weighing operation counter Quick lift function and precision lowering Removable battery with 60 h lifetime
Jungheinrich AMW 22p for maximum accuracy and precision in warehouse logistics and production

This weighing scale pallet truck provides you with an effective transport and weighing solution. It combines outstanding operating characteristics with powerful pump hydraulics and a four-cell weighing system. The latter delivers accurate results at all times, even on inclines of up to 2°. The ergonomic tiller enables comfortable operation by left or right-handed users. For loads of up to 120 kg, you can take advantage of the quick lift function, which allows you to lift the load off the ground with just 3 pump strokes. The maximum lift height of 208 mm is reached after 5 strokes.
The weighing system of this hand pallet truck features a memory for adding subtotals as well as a weighing operation counter. The display, which also features a date and time function, switches off automatically when not used for 30 minutes. The measuring intervals automatically adapt to the relevant weight, thereby ensuring a maximum display deviation of 0.1 kg from the recorded weight. The intervals are 0.2 kg up to 200 kg, 0.5 kg up to 500 kg and 1.0 kg up to 2200 kg. Both the display and the buttons feature IP65 protection against moisture and dust. We offer the Jungheinrich AMW 22p weighing scale pallet truck with either a comfort or a premium display. The premium display features additional functions such as a backlit display for improved contrast and a battery level indicator. You can also assign 5-digit codes to weighing operations to be included in the printout. The compatible thermal printer for this truck is also available from our shop.

Reap the advantages of a high-quality product for your warehouse and production facilities by ordering the Jungheinrich AMW 22p weighing scale pallet truck from our shop.
Rapid lift
Fork length
1150 mm
2200 kg
calibrated design
Fork roller material
Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller equipment
Steering wheel material
Solid rubber
Lift range
86 - 208 mm
Tiller surface
Overall length
1546 mm
Tiller height
1234 mm
IP protection type measuring cells
IP 65
Short distance
Face of forks length
396 mm
Turning radius
1303 mm
122 mm
Measuring tolerance
0.1 %
Load centre
600 mm
Chassis surface
Steering wheel diameter
170 mm
Ground clearance
24 mm
Net weight
102 kg
Fork roller diameter
82 mm
Aisle width
1813 mm
Fork support width
540 mm
Scale type
Infeed rollers
Fork roller width
96 mm
Power supply scale
Steering wheel width
50 mm
Colour chassis
Jungheinrich yellow
Handle fittings
IP protection type display
IP 65
Overall width
540 mm
Zero adjustment via keyboard
Pallet truck material
Automatic shut-off without insert
30 min
Operator type
Fork height
62 mm
Control panel
Tiller RAL colour
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Battery capacity
1.2 Ah/Stk.
Fork width
170 mm
Battery voltage
12 V/Stk.

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