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Item number:  129453-GAA
Technical details
Aisle width 1784 mm
Ground clearance 30 mm
Net weight 65 kg
Fork roller diameter 82 mm
Fork roller material Nylon (black)
Fork roller equipment Single
Overall width 680 mm
Steering wheel diameter 170 mm
Steering wheel material Nylon (black)
Steering wheel width 50 mm
Fork roller width 62 mm
Drive manual
Control panel two-handed
Operator type Manual
Chassis surface powder-coated
Tiller height 1234 mm
Tiller surface powder-coated
Infeed rollers yes
Route Short distance
Tiller RAL colour RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Fork width 150 mm
Fork length 1150 mm
Fork height 53 mm
Overall length 1520 mm
Handle fittings Steel
Lift 122 mm
Lift height per pump stroke 25/10 mm
Lift range 83 - 205 mm
Pallet truck material Steel
Face of forks length 373 mm
Load centre 600 mm
Fork support width 680 mm
Model Jungheinrich AM 22
Pump strokes to max. lift height 5/12
Pump strokes to lift pallet 3/7
Rapid lift yes
Lowering speed with/without load 0,09 / 0,02 m/s
Colour chassis Jungheinrich yellow
Capacity 2200 kg
Product description
The AM 22 pallet truck with 2,200 kg capacity offers premium, tried-and-tested quality from Jungheinrich. The distance across forks of this special version measures 680 mm, making it ideal for transporting wide special pallets or sideways lifting of Euro pallets. The quick lift function (up to 120 kg) saves you time and energy.
Quick lift (up to 120 kg) for faster throughput 105° steering angle for utmost agility High manoeuvrability thanks to short fork length Ergonomic control element that can be operated with either hand Durable thanks to robust materials and solid construction Maintenance-free design with all connections lubricated for life
The classic model with special distance across forks and quick lift function

The Jungheinrich AM 22 hand pallet truck with a capacity of 2,200 kg is a premium product combining tried-and-tested Jungheinrich quality with sophisticated equipment. This special version of the AM 22 features an extended distance across forks of 680 mm, making it ideal for transporting wide pallets. Sideways lifting of Euro pallets is facilitated by the sophisticated design of the fork arms.

Thanks to the quick lift function (up to 120 kg), you can raise the pallet clear of the ground with just three pump strokes. The maximum lift height is reached after two additional strokes.
This provides you with valuable assistance, which is tangible with every new load.

Thanks to the short headlength and 105° steering angle on both sides, the hand pallet truck is extremely agile. This ensures safe, straightforward use of the AM 22 in even the tightest of spaces, such as in narrow aisles or on trucks.

The patented, ergonomic Jungheinrich operating concept allows the tiller to be controlled from any position and is equally well suited to right and left-handed users. All functions can be easily operated with one hand. Thanks to the special lowering valve, sensitive loads can be set down with utmost control and precision.

The outstanding stability and durability of the product is ensured by heavy-duty steel, a sophisticated design and a welded tiller mount. The steel construction is torsion-free and very hard wearing. As a result, the AM 22 retains its shape even when carrying loads of up to 2,200 kg. The hand pallet truck does not require any servicing as the connections are lubricated for life and the pump hydraulics are maintenance-free.

The covered entry rollers and rounded fork tips make insertion and retraction from the pallet particularly easy. Depending on the ground conditions and specific application, you can choose between a range of wheel and roller materials. You can also opt for single or tandem fork rollers.

Order the Jungheinrich AM 22 hand pallet truck with quick lift, special distance across forks and 1,150 mm fork length from our shop in your chosen configuration.
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