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Item number:  160931-GAA
Technical details
Conveyor type Accordion-style roller conveyor
Conveyor length 0.42 - 1.3 m
Conveyor width 500 mm
Axle distance 65 - 155 mm
Small support castor/support castor diameter 48 mm
Small support castor/support castor material Plastic
Conveying weight max. 30 kg
Movable yes
Flexible routing yes
Removable yes
Height 665 - 940 mm
Product description
The mobile Ameise® mini roller conveyor is ideal for locations where no stationary conveyor lines can be installed. With a conveying weight of 30 kg, it is ideal for light to medium-weight goods.
Mobile accordion style mini roller conveyor with flexible routing Height-adjustable for ergonomic working Independently mounted plastic rollers for secure transport
Individual routing: Ameise® accordion style mini roller conveyor, 30 kg conveyor load

Since the height of the mini roller conveyor can be adjusted between 665 and 940 mm, you can adapt it to your individual requirements. This allows you to work in an ergonomic, fatigue-free manner. You can also set the conveyor to a slight incline for rapid, automatic transport of your goods.
The frame of the mini roller conveyor features 4 wheels for quick and simple transport to the desired location. The length of the 500 mm wide conveyor can be altered to suit your specific needs. 41 independently mounted plastic rollers enable secure transport in tight corners, even without lateral guides. This is because the outside rollers can turn faster than those on the inside.

Purchase the Ameise® accordion style mini roller conveyor table with 30 kg conveyor load from our shop.

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