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Item number:  197357-GAA
Lift range
90 - 1600 mm
1600 mm
Mast height
1980 - 2090 mm
1000 kg
Load centre
600 mm
Fork length
1100 mm
Overall width
1490 mm
Overall length
1600 mm
Aisle width
2005 mm
Ground clearance
25 mm
Turning radius
1290 mm
Drive wheel material
Fork roller material
Chassis RAL colour
RAL 5018 turquoise blue
Tiller surface
Tiller height
1100 mm
Face of forks length
500 mm
Lift height per pump stroke
20 mm
Swivel castor diameter
147 mm
Drive wheel diameter front
147 mm
Chassis surface
Net weight
255 kg
Fork roller diameter
83 mm
Fork roller equipment
Fork support width
550 mm
Fork roller width
60 mm
Swivel castor width
40 mm
Drive wheel width front
40 mm
Support arms inside clearance
1250 mm
Parking brakes
Operator type
Fork height
61 mm
Control panel
Tiller RAL colour
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Fork width
170 mm
The Ameise® wide-tread hydraulic stacker truck is characterised by its robust construction and durable quality. It is ideally suited to the provisioning of goods, removal of individual products from a pallet as well as the ability to lift UK pallets and the longitudinal and transverse lifting of Euro pallets. Loads weighing up to 1000 kg can be raised and stored at heights of up to 1600 mm.
Ideal for longitudinal and transverse lifting of Euro pallets and lifting closed-boarded UK pallets Robust quality with 1000 kg capacity Loads can be raised via the tiller or foot pedal Plexiglas panel offers protection and a clear view Wheel stops on both steering castors
The Ameise® hydraulic stacker truck in wide-tread design for sideways lifting of pallets

This hydraulic stacker truck is a quality Ameise® product offering the ultimate in robustness and durability. The practical all-rounder for occasional use as a lifting and transport device serves as a cost-effective alternative to en expensive electric forklift truck. Thanks to its manual drive, the truck is always ready for use and is also cheap to maintain. The high-lift truck is suitable for occasional stacking and retrieval of pallets and other piece goods at heights of up to 1600 mm or for loading and unloading lorries without using a ramp. However, its main strength lies in transverse lifting of pallets or lifting pallets that are closed on all 4 sides. This is done by passing the support arms along the sides of the pallet (not into the pallet like standard stacker trucks). The distance between the support arms measures 1250 mm (enough to pass either side of a 1200x1000mm or 1200x800mm pallet).

You can raise your loads to the required height either via the hydraulic foot pump or using the reinforced tiller. The robust hydraulic system is equipped with overload protection. The manual-hydraulic stacker truck consists of a robust, welded frame with central support and load forks made from torsion-resistant sectional steel. This prevents the Ameise® wide-tread hydraulic stacker truck from buckling even under the heaviest loads. The ergonomic, rubberised tiller handle ensures utmost comfort when lifting, moving and lowering your loads. The lowering valve in the tiller head enables fully variable lowering of the load with utmost precision.

The transparent Plexiglas panel within the steel frame offers protection against falling objects and provides a clear view in the direction of travel. The large tubular push handles are mounted at the perfect height for straightforward manoeuvring of the truck. The mechanical wheel stops on the two large steering castors prevent the Ameise® hydraulic stacker truck from rolling away and guarantee utmost stability. The steering castors and tandem fork rollers are made from nylon and are thus very smooth-running and wear-resistant.

The flexible Ameise® hydraulic stacker truck with wide support arms represents a cost-effective alternative to an electric forklift truck. Order the manual truck from our shop today.
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