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Item number:  199564-GAA
Technical details
Capacity 2000 kg
Fork length 1150 mm
Rapid lift yes
Scale type digital
Measuring tolerance 0.1 %
Steering wheel material Solid rubber
Fork roller material Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller equipment Single
Lift range 90 - 200 mm
Overall width 555 mm
Overall length 1560 mm
Ground clearance 22 mm
Load centre 600 mm
Turning radius 1350 mm
Chassis RAL colour RAL 5018 turquoise blue
Net weight 109 kg
Tiller surface powder-coated
Tiller height 1210 mm
IP protection type measuring cells IP 67
Route Short distance
Lift 110 mm
Pump strokes to max. lift height 6
Steering radius 110 °
Pump strokes to lift pallet 2
Steering wheel diameter 180 mm
Chassis surface powder-coated
Fork roller diameter 74 mm
IP protection type display IP 65
Zero adjustment via keyboard yes
Pallet truck material Steel
Model Ameise® PRO
Automatic shut-off without insert 30 min
Battery capacity 1.2 Ah/per unit
Fork width 180 mm
Battery voltage 12 V/per unit
Drive manual
Face of forks length 1150 mm
Noise damping yes
Lift height per pump stroke 18 mm
Net weight incl. battery 109 kg
Fork roller width 93 mm
Power supply scale Battery
Steering wheel width 50 mm
Handle fittings Rubber sheath
Charger including
No. of batteries 1
Operator type manual
Control panel right-handed
Tiller RAL colour RAL 9005 deep black
Product description
The Ameise® PRO weighing scale pallet truck combines the proven transport and steering properties of Ameise® hand pallet trucks with a precision scale for industrial use. The mobile weighing station delivers reliable, accurate results and can be used continuously for up to 35 hours. The robust pallet truck assists you with transporting and weighing loads of up to 2000 kg. The quick lift function up to 120 kg saves you additional time and energy.
Multi-range display (0-200 kg in 0.2 kg, 200-500 kg in 0.5 kg, 500-2000 kg in 1 kg) Max. 0.1% deviation from measured weight Tare function, tare entry, summation with sequential numbering Rechargeable 12 V / 1.2 Ah battery pack, incl. external charger Automatic deactivation after 30 minutes Available with optional calibration, thermal printer, replacement battery pack etc.
The weighing scale pallet truck for industrial use

The Ameise® PRO weighing scale pallet truck is a mobile weighing station for industrial applications. The precision scale features a multi-range display, which measures and displays the weight in increments of 0.2 kg up to 200 kg, 0.5 kg from 200 to 500 kg and 1 kg from 500 to 2000 kg. In all cases, the maximum deviation amounts to 0.1% of the measured weight. The scales feature automatic and manual zero correction, gross/net weight display, automatic tare and tare preset as well as a totals memory with sequential numbering.
Power is supplied by a rechargeable lead-gel battery pack, which lasts for up to 35 hours. An external battery charger is also supplied as standard. The display will inform you in good time when the battery needs to be recharged. You also have the option of purchasing additional battery packs. The plug-in battery packs are replaced in a flash so that your weighing scale pallet truck is immediately ready for use. To minimise energy consumption, the scales switch off automatically when not used for approx. 30 minutes. The weighing electronics feature IP65 protection against dust and moisture. The display terminal is further protected by a metal housing.
The robust pallet truck offers tried and tested Ameise® quality. The durable high-performance hydraulic pump is made from high-quality steel with hard chrome-plated pressure pistons to cope with the rigours of continuous daily use. The quick lift function up to 120 kg saves you time and energy during everyday pallet handling. The steering castors with solid rubber tyres combined with the polyurethane fork rollers ensure comfortable, low-noise travel with perfect grip. Depending on the ground conditions, you can choose between single or tandem rollers.
You also have the option of equipping the Ameise® PRO weighing scale pallet truck with other useful functions and accessories. In addition to the replacement battery pack mentioned above, a thermal printer and foot brake are also available for the pallet truck. We also offer an adjustment certificate, a finer multi-range display and a calibrated version of the weighing scale pallet truck. Order the Ameise® PRO weighing scale pallet truck from our shop in your chosen configuration.
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