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Racks: Shelf load & unit load

The shelf load describes the maximum weight of the specific "compartment", i.e. the individual shelf. The shelf load indicates the total weight that a shelf can accommodate, provided that the load is evenly distributed.

The unit load, on the other hand, describes the maximum weight that the complete rack can support – not including the weight of the rack itself. It is essential to check the unit load on the label, since it does merely amount to the sum of the individual shelf loads.

Depending on the materials and finish of the frames, the unit load can also be less than the sum of the possible shelf loads. If the total unit load is exceeded, there is a high risk of the rack collapsing.

When the shelf load is exceeded, it is more likely that the relevant shelf will cave in – e.g. due to material breakage in the middle of a shelf or because of an excessive load on the shelf supports.

  • In galvanised steel
  • Including floor bolt and anchor bolt
  • In galvanised steel plate
  • Load capacity per shelf 80 kg
  • 6 shelves with 5 end stops per bay
£408.00 £347.00  
  • In galvanised steel plate
  • Load capacity 80 kg
  from £16.15  
  • Special impact protection for MULTIPAL® racks
  • Also suitable for other warehouse racks
  • Made from robust steel for indoor use
  • Wide-span rack add-on unit with steel panels for storing bulky goods
  • Robust frame construction with powder-coating and strong shelves
  • Simple installation and conversion thanks to boltless assembly
  from £276.45  
% offer in
Protects against falling load units
£53.00 £50.35  
  • Rear panel grid manufactured in robust wire
  • Secures the retention of stored goods on traffic routes and in work areas
  • Complies with the statutory directive DGUV 108-007 (German Statutory Accident Insurance).
  from £58.90  
Ideal for storing large and bulky goods
£794.00 £675.00