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  • Sturdy and functional DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates
  • Cardboard inserts easily replaceable by completely removing the viewing window
  • Suitable for screwing and gluing in place
  from £11.02
  • Sturdy DURABLE Info Sign doorplates made of aluminium and acrylic plate
  • Attached by screwing or gluing
  • Simple, tool-free change of inserts
  from £12.98
  • Available in different sizes
  • Simple replacement of the inserts by separating the two acrylic sheets
  • To be screwed on, mounting kit, drilling templates and instructions included
  from £19.00
  • Insertion cards for DURABLE doorplate available in different sizes
  • Suitable for INFO SIGN 4802 and CLICK SIGN 4862
  • Have microperforation

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