Pallet truck, shelving and warehouse equipment. UK online shop
  • Single-row shelf rack base unit made from steel
  • Includes plastic storage bins
  • Corrosion-resistant: galvanised uprights and shelves
  from £388.55  
  • Container rack for Euro boxes, base unit: for double-sided access
  • 1 box per level, 3-5 rack levels
  • Welded steel plate shelves at top and bottom
  from £178.60  
  • Single-row add-on unit made from solid steel
  • Shelf rack including plastic storage bins
  • The surfaces of uprights and shelves are galvanised
  from £357.20  
  • Container rack add-on unit for Euro boxes
  • Rapid installation thanks to boltless assembly
  • Shelf height adjustment in 25 mm increments
  from £128.25  

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