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  • Drum lifter with pedal for effortless lifting
  • Gentle automatic latching mechanism for drum pick-up
  • Drums positioned centrally on pallets can be lifted with ease
  from £1,024.86  
  • Robust base frame with fork pockets
  • Prism with tension belt and double worm gearing
  • Protection against accidental slippage
  from £2,616.30  
  • Drum traverse with 300 kg load capacity and 610 mm diameter
  • Facilitates lifting of drums and loading of containers
  • Different versions available for a range of steel and plastic drums
  from £383.04  
  • For 1 or 2 drums
  • Protection against accidental slippage
  • Very high clamping force
  from £2,041.74  
  • Drum lifter for 200 litre beaded steel drums – 250 kg capacity
  • Tiller for easy handling when transporting and lifting
  • Latching mechanism for drum pick-up
  • Drum turning claw with 60 or 200 l capacity
  • Locking lever for secure grip on transported drum
  • Suitable for steel tight-head drums and steel lidded drums
  from £1,534.44  

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