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Item number:  136743-GAA
Technical details
Bay type Extension module
Nominal height 2000 mm
Nominal width 1800 mm
Nominal depth 600 mm
External dimension height 2000 mm
External dimension width 1850 mm
External dimension depth 610 mm
No. of shelves 3
Compartment load max. 630 kg
Bay load max. 4500 kg
Row type single-line
Access options double-sided
Assembly Plug assembly
configurable yes
Stand surface powder-coated
Rack type Wide-span rack
Grid 50 mm
Shelf type Shelf
Exterior dimensions add-on unit Nominal width + 50 mm / nominal depth + 10 mm
Uprights RAL colour RAL 5015 sky blue
Beam RAL colour RAL 7035 light grey
Floor material Steel panel
Product description
Bulky goods and other large-volume items require a lot of storage space – a double-sided wide-span rack add-on unit expands your existing base unit to create additional storage. Assembly of the rack expansion is a quick and simple process.
Add-on unit for heavy-duty shelving systems With high-quality powder coating and galvanised surfaces Single-row shelving with double-sided access
Flexible configuration of individual heavy-duty rack systems with add-on units for wide-span racks

Simple boltless assembly allows you to easily attach this wide-span rack add-on unit to your existing base unit. This allows you to tailor your storage shelves to your own individual requirements. The height of the shelves can be adjusted in 50 mm increments to suit your specific needs. This allows you to adapt the shelving to the size of your stored goods. Thanks to the boltless system, the shelves can be converted or dismantled at any time.
The robust steel rack is galvanised and powder-coated. This makes it highly durable as well as impact and scratch-resistant. In addition, this provides protection against corrosion and colour loss. The double-sided accessibility and flexible combination options enable variable positioning of the shelf rack. This allows you to tailor your heavy-duty shelving systems to the spatial conditions in your warehouse.

Create your own flexible shelving system by purchasing a double-sided wide-span rack add-on unit with steel panels from our shop.
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