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The VAR® ELEGANT combi ashtray is a waste bin and ash collector all in one. It ensures that your premises will be more clean than before. The removable ashtray liner also makes it quick and easy to empty.
Weather-resistant combi ashtray in stainless steel or steel For installation with floor-friendly edge protection For use indoors and outdoors
A weather-resistant waste bin and ash collector – the VAR® ELEGANT combi ashtray

The VAR® ELEGANT combi ashtray is suitable for the disposal of cigarette stubs, ashes and rubbish. It will improve the cleanliness of your premises. The combi ashtray has a large waste bin with a fill volume of 11.6 l. Due to the combination of waste bin and ash collector, you do not need 2 separate waste containers, thereby saving space.
The VAR® combi ashtray is made from steel with an optional powder coating or in polished stainless steel. It is 660 mm tall and has a diameter of 200 mm. Its net weight is 5 kg. Sieve and ashtray insert in aluminium can be removed for quick cleaning. The delivery includes stickers for marking the opening and the ash container.

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Ashtray type
Stand ashtray
Combination ashtrays
Outdoor, Indoor
660 mm
200 mm
Ashtray insert removable
Sieve removable
Insert tray
Ashtray insert material
Waste bins integrated
Waste bins volume
11.6 l
Edge protection
Sticker included
Net weight
5 kg
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