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Item number:  105713-GAA
Technical details
Design Model 1
Capacity 2500 - 560 kg
Tiltability adjustable
Fork pockets outer distance 540 mm
Fork pockets inside clearance 156 mm
Fork pockets inside width 184 mm
Fork pockets inside height 84 mm
Surface painted
RAL colour RAL 2000 yellow orange
Length 2210 mm
Height 555 mm
Hook position support capacity 1. Hook position 2.500 kg
2. Hook position 2.500 kg
3. Hook position 2.500 kg
4. Hook position 1.800 kg
5. Hook position 1.400 kg
6. Hook position 1.200 kg
7. Hook position 1.050 kg
8. Hook position 950 kg
9. Hook position 850 kg
10. Hook position 770 kg
11. Hook position 700 kg
12. Hook position 650 kg
13. Hook position 600 kg
14. Hook position 560 kg
Telescoping yes
Width 540 mm
Net weight 218 kg
Hook position clearance 1. Hook position 695 mm
2. Hook position 990 mm
3. Hook position 1.285 mm
4. Hook position 1.580 mm
5. Hook position 1.825 mm
6. Hook position 2.090 mm
7. Hook position 2.290 mm
8. Hook position 2.490 mm
9. Hook position 2.690 mm
10. Hook position 2.890 mm
11. Hook position 3.090 mm
12. Hook position 3.290 mm
13. Hook position 3.490 mm
14. Hook position 3.690 mm
Product description
This telehandler features a flexible crane arm, which allows you to extend the reach of your forklift truck. Thanks to the 3-point height adjustment, you can easily reach high racks and transport large goods.
Telehandler made from robust steel with galvanised or painted surfaces Height-adjustable in 3 tilt angles 2 swivel hooks for 14 hook positions Simple use thanks to fork pockets
Flexible telehandler to adjust your forklift reach and lift height

Do you frequently encounter tasks requiring a forklift truck with a greater reach? Then this telehandler is the ideal solution for you. You simply pick it up via the fork pockets and then use a chain to attach it securely to the mast of your truck.
For maximum flexibility, the reach of this telehandler extends up to 3690 mm. It also offers 3 tilt angles and 14 hook positions at which you can attach the 2 swivel hooks via a simple coupling mechanism. You set the telehandler to the required length by extending the telescopic arm and securing it in one of the 8 possible positions using locking pins. The inclination can also be set to 15°, 30° or 45° using locking pins, thus allowing you to employ the telehandler as a high-rack stacker. You can choose between painted or hot-dip galvanised surfaces, which offer effective corrosion protection for outdoor use. All models are offered with a load capacity of 560–2500 kg or 950–5000 kg.

Benefit from a flexible solution for your operation by ordering the telehandler model 1 with up to 3690 mm reach, 3 tilt angles and 14 hook positions from our shop.
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