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Item number:  124044-GAA
Product variants
Catch volume
200 l
Storage location
under roof
140 mm
915 - 1250 mm
1700 mm
Car park
Suitable for beam length
1800 mm
StawaR approval
Classification of aquatic pollutants
acute, chronic GHS 1, chronic GHS 2, chronic GHS 3, chronic GHS 4
Classification as per GHS/REACH
flammable, highly flammable, easily flammable
RAL colour
RAL 2000 yellow orange
Equip your pallet rack with these solid suspended troughs in steel for the proper storage of liquids hazardous to water. You only need to suspend the shelves in the appropriate racking frames.
Solid suspension trough, optionally painted or hot-dip galvanised Made of sturdy steel For easy suspension in the pallet rack Grid can be removed Fulfils statutory requirements as per WHG, VAwS, TrbF & TRGS
Safe retrofitting of pallet racks for hazardous materials – with steel suspension troughs

These suspension troughs for pallet racks are used for the correct storage of liquids in barrels, canisters or small containers which are flammable or hazardous to water. The troughs comply with the current regulations as per WHG, VAwS, TrbF & TRGS and are suitable for the indoor storage of hazardous substances.
The rack collection basin comprises solid steel with corrosion protection provided by paint or hot-dip galvanising. If necessary, remove the galvanised grid supplied – this will make it easy to clean the suspension trough.

Order the durable steel troughs from us.
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