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The highly durable storage bins with viewing openings will bring order to your storage space and are ideal for storing small parts both for business and recreational use.
Dimensionally stable storage bins with viewing opening Viewing opening for quick overview Reinforced base and pull-out stop for racks Dividing plates and labels available as accessories
Robust plastic storage bins made from eco-friendly polypropylene

If your work involves a large number of small parts all of which need to be ready to hand as quickly as possible, you require an intelligent and user-friendly storage bin system. These polypropylene storage bins are equipped with partitions. They provide a well organised, space-saving storage solution.
The recessed handles at the front and rear ensure easy handling and the bins are very easy to clean thanks to their smooth interior surface. They are chemically resistant to most oils, greases, acids and alkalis. In addition, the storage bins are food-safe, meaning they can also be used in the gastronomical sector. The plastic storage bins are available in different sizes and colours and are suitable for temperatures from -20 to +80°C. For even more organisation, you can also order transparent partitions and labels.

Bring order to your small parts storage by purchasing the polypropylene storage bins with partitions from our shop.
External dimension height
90 mm
External dimension width
90 mm
External dimension depth
300 mm
1.54 l
-20 - 80 °C
Packaging unit
40 Stk/VE
Inside dimension depth
250 mm
Interior areas smooth
Recessed handle
Inside dimension height
88 mm
Inside dimension width
70 mm
Suitable for roller conveyors
No. of partitions
Net weight
165 g
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