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The Steinbock® Turbo Premium manual sweeper impresses with its patented turbo sweeping system with double dirt pick-up for perfect cleanliness on all paved surfaces. The cleaning device is available with different sweeping widths.
For wet and dry dirt Robust construction with beltless drive Height-adjustable handlebar with soft grip Flexible rubber sealing lips ensure dust-free sweeping Special filter for fine dust
The sweeper for commercial use

The Steinbock® Turbo Premium manual sweeper is ideal for cleaning large indoor and outdoor areas of 200 m² or more. This cleaning device was designed for frequent professional use. Pushing the sweeper powers the durable gear drive, which in turn sets the circular brushes and sweeping roller in motion. The use of a gear drive eliminates the need for a fragile, failure-prone V-belt. Thanks to its form-fitting design and the use of new, self-lubricating materials, the Steinbock® sweeper is highly resistant to dirt and extremely durable.
The circular bushes of the turbo sweeping system pick up dirt according to a two-stage principle. First, the coarse dirt is lifted up by the counter-rotating circular brushes, after which the additional sweeper roller sweeps up the fine dirt and conveys it into the rear-mounted container. During cleaning, a special filter prevents any escape of the fine dust. In addition, flexible rubber sealing lips on the sweeper roller and a special air flow system ensure virtually dust-free sweeping. The lateral circular brushes feature an additional guide roller on one side to enable thorough cleaning into corners and along walls. The central brush adjustment allows you to alter the height or pressure of the circular brushes to suit your needs. The dirt container of the Steinbock® Turbo Premium manual sweeper can be removed from the machine in a flash before being emptied and easily re-attached. Due to the lightweight construction and the plastic material, the sweeper has a low overall weight, thereby ensuring effortless cleaning. Thanks to the ergonomic, individually adjustable handlebar with soft grip as well as the compact construction, the sweeper makes light work of cleaning under tables (for example). The cleaning device can be set to a vertical position for space-saving storage. The sweeper can be ordered with different sweeping widths.

Benefit from a professional cleaning solution by purchasing the Steinbock® Turbo Premium manual sweeper from our shop.
Sweeper type
Walk-behind sweepers
Sweeping principle
Disc brush sweeping system:, Turbo sweeping system
Dirt tank volume
50 l
Sweeping performance with 2 side brushes (theoretical)
3000 m²/h
Sweeper rollers height-adjustable
0 - 3 mm
No. of side brushes
Side broom height-adjustable
0 - 11 mm
Brush drive
Push handle
Brackets/handles material
Steel, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
No. of wheels
No. of swivel castors
2 Stk.
Force transmission
Gears with freewheel
290 mm
700 mm
760 mm
Body material
RAL colour
RAL 1028 melon yellow, RAL 9005 deep black, RAL 2002 blood orange
Net weight
14 kg
Sweeping path
770 mm
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  • This sweeper is suitable for cleaning areas greater than 200 m² both indoors and outdoors: Ideal for frequent use
  • By pushing, you move the durable gear drive that sets the disc brushes in motion: Disruptive V-belt which may tear is not used
  • The turbo disc brush sweeping system takes up the dirt twice: First, the coarse dirt is lifted up via the counter-rotating disc brushes, then the additional sweeper roller sweeps up the fine dirt and all the dirt is then conveyed into the container at the back
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