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Item number:  124145-GAA
Technical details
Net weight 2.2 kg
Product description
The safety cutter enables you to quickly and safely cut off your strapping for steel strapping packaging.
Robust cutter with high cutting force, for steel strapping packaging Accessory for Standard, Universal or Comfort wrapping set For steel strapping with max. 31 mm wide and 1 mm thickness
A safety cutter – for your steel packaging strapping

The special cutter is an indispensable wrapping aid when using high-performance steel strapping. This cutter enables steel strapping to be cleanly separated.
After the strapping has been wrapped around the packaged goods and pulled tight, place it in the cutter. The safety cutter holds the steel strapping in place during the cutting process with the aid of a special clamping system. Steel strapping up to 31 mm wide and 1 mm thick can be cleanly cut with the strapping cutter.

Order the high-performance steel strapping safety cutter for high-performance steel strapping from our shop.
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