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Item number:  146820-GA
The Standard clamping and sealing device for steel is a manual wrapper for occasional to frequent use. Use the wrapper for square, medium-weight and heavy packages.
Steel strapping clamping device especially for Apex strapping For stable clamping with sleeve seal For 13 and 16 mm wide steel strapping
1 device for all wrapping requirements – the Standard clamping and sealing device for steel

The one-piece, compact clamping device for steel strapping can be used with Apex steel strapping with a thickness of 0.5 mm. The wrapper can be used to clamp, seal and cut the strapping.
You can very quickly set the steel strapping clamping device to meet your wishes. The attached switches are used to quickly switch back and forth between the different strapping widths and to execute all wrapping steps one after the other.

Obtain a reliable wrapping aid – order the wrappers for steel strapping from our shop.
Wrapper type
Manual wrapping machines
Suitable for material
Belt width
13 - 16 mm
Belt thickness
0.5 mm
180 mm
420 mm
135 mm
Net weight
3.9 kg
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