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The combi tensioner helps you to securely close goods and packages. It is suitable for use with PET plastic strapping and allows easy, fatigue-free working thanks to a good lever transmission.
Clamping and sealing device for PET strapping High clamping and sealing strength For sealing sleeves with high sealing strength
High tension with low stretching – the Standard clamping and sealing device for polyethylene strapping

You can choose between a combi tensioner model for PET strapping with a width of 13 mm or a model for 16 mm width. Both versions are suitable for a strapping thickness of up to 0.8 mm.
Due to the optimal closing tool geometry and the special sealing sleeves, the clamping and sealing device offers a high clamping and sealing strength. The tension of the hand wrapper is achieved by means of a winding shaft. Use the device wherever you need high tension with low stretching.

Make your packaging work easier – order wrappers for plastic strapping from us here.
Belt width
13 mm
Net weight
3.5 kg
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