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Item number:  103638-GAA
Technical details
Volume 25 l
External dimension height 150 mm
External dimension width 600 mm
External dimension depth 400 mm
Inside dimension height 145 mm
Inside dimension width 520 mm
Inside dimension depth 360 mm
Capacity 25 kg
Wall design pierced
Floor design pierced
material Polyethylene (PE)
Stackable together
Opening type Loading access
Removal access
Visual access
Interior areas smooth yes
Colour grey
Brackets/handles Handle
Temperature-resistant -40 - 60 °C
Food-grade yes
Suitable for roller conveyors yes
Net weight 1.3 kg
Product description
The side walls and base of this stacking container are perforated, thus providing well ventilated storage for foodstuffs. The polyethylene material is resistant to most oils and acids.
Air-permeable stacking container with perforated side walls and base ⅔ space saving when nested Enhanced carrying comfort thanks to reinforced edge Heat- and cold-resistant material Cover available as accessory
Optimum air circulation: perforated stacking and nesting containers

Foodstuffs and other sensitive goods should be well ventilated when stored. A food-safe stacking container with perforated side walls and base represents the ideal solution for such storage requirements. As well as offering improved air circulation, the openings also allow you to keep an eye on your stocks. Cleaning is a breeze as the material is resistant to most oils, alkalis and petrol. In addition, the containers can easily withstand temperatures from -40 to +60°C.
The outer rim of the containers is extended at the edges. This creates a conveniently wide opening around the handle. You can easily separate boxes that have been stacked inside one another and transport the filled container to its target location. Despite the perforated design, the stacking containers can accommodate loads of up to 250 kg. Stability is ensured by the special shape and robust material. The Euro containers can be rotated 180° for secure stacking.

Simplify your storage and extend the shelf life of your goods. Purchase perforated stacking and nesting containers made from polyethylene from our shop.
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