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Item number:  118921-GAA
Technical details
Partition system element Doors
Door type Single sliding door
Door stop right
Locking system Padlock
Element width 900 mm
Floor clearance 0 mm
Mesh size HxW 50 x 50 mm
Mesh diameter 3.75 mm
Surface powder-coated
Assembly Screw assembly
RAL colour RAL 7037 dust grey
Element height 2200 mm
Product description
Partitioning systems allow you to divide warehouse and production facilities into custom subareas for enhanced working safety. TROAX® sliding doors with locking systems provide additional break-in protection for these subareas.
Ergonomic and functional TROAX® sliding door with locking system Choice of cylinder lock or padlock With powder coating for impact and scratch resistance
For quick and safe processes in warehouses and production halls – TROAX® sliding doors

TROAX® sliding doors with locking systems are quickly and easily attached to your partitioning system. You simply bolt the door to your existing wall elements. You can choose between different door widths to suit your current wall elements.
The sliding door can be easily opened from one side. The mesh size of the hinged door is 50 x 50 mm. The partition door is powder-coated for durability and can thus easily withstand the rigours of daily use in warehouse and production environments.

Optimise the protection of your storage and production areas by ordering TROAX® sliding doors with locking systems and one-sided opening from our shop.
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