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With the help of the shrink gun, you can securely pack goods of different shapes in PE shrink wrap (polyethylene) for transport and storage. This provides you with additional stability and a protective layer against water and dust.
Shrink gun with swivelling burner head Case for storage when not in use Includes replacement igniter and assembly spanner
Shrink gun as a complete package in case for gentle and safe packaging

The heat flow produced by shrink-wrap devices ensures that PE shrink wrap lies tightly around goods for storage and transport. This creates a tight connection between the load and the pallet, which increases the stability. The wrap also provides protection on all sides against weathering and theft.
The shrink gun is suitable for the processing of different wrap qualities due to its adjustable heating power. You can pack a complete pallet within approximately 60 seconds. The 360° swivelling burner head of the shrink gun remains cool even during long-term use which makes it safe to work with. The pressure regulator, fitted with a double cut-out switch, prevents unintentional gas leakage. It is comfortable to handle over long periods: The shrink-wrap devices have an ergonomically shaped trigger and a low weight of 1.3 kg. The igniter can be replaced without tools, reducing the amount of maintenance required. You receive the shrink-wrap device in the set with a robust system case for proper storage when not in use.

Buy a shrink gun as a complete package in its case from us here.
Wrapper type
Shrink gun
Included/set equipment
Storage case, Replacement igniter, Assembly spanner
Working pressure
1.5 - 3.5 bar
Burner performance
83 kW
Net weight
1.3 kg
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