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Item number:  107693-GAA
Technical details
Container type Waste bins
Scope Indoor, Outdoor
Container volume 38 l
Liquid density yes
Brackets/handles Handle
Height 435 mm
Diameter 397 mm
Colour white
Net weight 1.4 kg
Product description
Manufactured from especially durable material, this Rubbermaid® universal container is the ideal choice for many requirements. The large comfortable handles make it simple to transport and easy to empty.
Universal container made of unbreakable plastic Extremely robust due to edge reinforcements and double ribbed base Easy handling thanks to extra-large handles Can be stacked to save space Lid and frame optionally available as accessories
Dimensionally stable, lightweight and equipped with ventilation ducts for everyday use

The copyrighted design of the Rubbermaid® universal container offers many advantages, as it is easy to transport, to empty and can be stacked to save space. The material of the Rubbermaid® universal container is of the highest quality and contains a UV blocker, which taken together in the most extreme commercial environments, guarantees a long service life. The plastic of Rubbermaid®'s universal container is built to never fade, bend, tear or break. The transport is designed to be comfortable and easy thanks to the rounded handles. The Rubbermaid® universal container withstands even the greatest loads when lifting and moving thanks to its reinforcement. The reinforced base of the container is specifically designed for hauling over rough surfaces, increasing the service life and overall durability in the harshest environmental conditions. The ergonomically shaped recessed handles on the base of the container provide a better grip, so that the container can be emptied more effectively with less effort.
The Rubbermaid® universal container, plastic, round complies with NSF standards 2 and 21 and is USDA-listed (Meat and Poultry Group), ensuring compliance with food storage and cleanability requirements.
The new design features of the Rubbermaid® universal container also include the innovative ventilation ducts on the sides, which make it much easier to lift out full bin bags. Thanks to the integrated clamps, the bin bag can be effortlessly fastened and efficiently replaced. To ensure a long service life for the integrated clamps, they have been subjected to 20,000 test cycles. The ribs integrated in the container edge make the container more stable and break-proof.

Buy the round Rubbermaid® universal container in plastic from our shop.
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