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Store foodstuffs and other goods in a food-safe, reusable stacking container made from polypropylene. The included label slot ensures that you always have a clear overview of your stocks while also enabling straightforward transport documentation.
Food-safe material, ideal for transporting foodstuffs Reusable stacking container made from polypropylene with label slot for well organised storage Space-saving storage with opened lids
Reusable stacking containers for secure storage of various goods

These versatile stacking containers are made from polypropylene and include a handy label slot. The material is food-safe and therefore does not impair the inherent smell and taste of foodstuffs stored in these reusable containers. The containers feature a two-part lid which is hinged at the sides. The plastic stacking containers are easy to clean as the material is resistant to most acids and alkalis. The boxes also retain their shape at temperatures from -20 to +80°C.
Thanks to their closed side walls, the containers offer secure storage for small utensils. The integrated label slot on the side wall of the Euro stacking containers facilitates well organised storage. It offers space for transport documents and is easily visible from the outside. The reusable polypropylene containers with label slot can be stored in a space-saving manner by opening the lid and folding it out. When closed, the lid sections offer adequate support for additional boxes.

Benefit from a versatile storage solution for your business by ordering the stacking containers from our shop.
25 l
External dimension height
305 mm
External dimension width
400 mm
External dimension depth
300 mm
Inside dimension height
282 mm
Inside dimension width
329 mm
Inside dimension depth
250 mm
25 kg
Wall design
Floor design
Interior areas smooth
-20 - 80 °C
Suitable for roller conveyors
Net weight
1.8 kg
Label bracket
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