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Item number:  143943-GAA
Technical details
Nominal width 800 mm
Nominal depth 1200 mm
External dimension height 1560 mm
External dimension width 880 mm
External dimension depth 1308 mm
No. of drawer units 4 Stk.
Bay load max. 600 kg
Compartment load max. 150 kg
Assembly Screw assembly
Stand surface powder-coated
Rack type Pull-out rack
Access options one-sided
Grid 25 mm
Uprights RAL colour RAL 3020 traffic red
Floor RAL colour RAL 7024 graphite grey
Floor material Steel
Frame pre-assembled yes
Product description
These pull-out racks are ideal for storing large volumes of small parts or goods for order picking in a well organised manner. This robust shelf rack can be placed under the first level of a pallet rack for a space-saving storage solution.
Pull-out rack with steel shelves Support posts with 25 mm hole pattern for flexible storage space configuration All parts easily accessible thanks to fully extendable shelves Safety function ensures that only one shelf can be pulled out at a time
Compact pull-out rack: the ideal complement to your pallet rack

A shelf rack is among the most important elements of any warehouse, not least to enable space-saving storage of piece goods and small parts. This is where this compact pull-out rack comes into its own: The hole pattern in the posts allows you determine the height between the shelves. The shelves are adapted to EURO pallet dimensions for straightforward storage. All parts are easily accessible since the shelves can be fully extended.
You can place up to three pull-out racks under a pallet rack with a width of 2700 mm. This allows you to make optimum use of the floor space below the first cross member and means that you do not use up any more space for new racks. A safety function prevents simultaneous extension of multiple shelves, thereby ensuring correct weight distribution. It may be necessary to secure these heavy-duty racks against tipping. Depending on the number of steel shelves, the nominal height is up to 247 mm, or up to 286 mm in the case of the last storage level.

Order this pull-out rack with pre-assembled frame from our shop with the necessary number of shelves.
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