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The durable and tyre-friendly speed bump made of polypropylene is available as a base element and as a closure element. The speed bump is a reliable means of ensuring that maximum speeds are not exceeded.
Base or closure elements for speed bumps, including screws Tyre-preserving thanks to rounded design Good visibility thanks to integrated reflectors The modular system enables them to be easily adapted to local conditions
Speed bumps can provide easy and long-term speed regulation

To ensure that the speed bump threshold made of sturdy polypropylene can be optimally adapted to local conditions and individual requirements, they are supplied as base and closure elements. Using the polypropylene speed bumps in loading zones, entrances or roads with plenty of pedestrians will ensure that maximum speeds are reliably observed.
But indoor traffic – such as car parks, production halls or warehouses – can also be effectively regulated using speed bumps. The signal colours black and yellow as well as the reflectors ensure good visibility. The modular system of the polypropylene speed bumps means that they can be easily and simply adapted to the local conditions. The end pieces are rounded to protect the tyres of vehicles driving over them.

Buy the speed bump made of polypropylene from our shop to passively and effectively regulate speed.
Element type
Closure element
Suitable for speed up to
20 km/h
Closure element height
40 mm
Closed width.
100 mm
Closure element depth
300 mm
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