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The plastic lid for the Rubbermaid® Slim Jim® recycling container, 60 and 87 litres, with deposit hole simplifies the recycling of bottles and cans. The opening in the lid allows bottles and cans to be inserted while concealing the waste.
In robust plastic Deposit hole for bottles and cans Available in different colours
290 mm
518 mm
450 mm
Net weight
0.4 kg
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Use the VAR® sticker set for recycling containers to clearly mark the contents of waste bins. Labelling the bins with symbols makes waste separation easier.
  • Lid for recycling container in polyethylene
  • Suitable for all Rubbermaid® Slim Jim® container sizes
  • With integrated recessed handles
The floor fastening for the VAR® recycling container ensures that the container is securely fixed to the floor. This ensures a high degree of stability.

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