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The weather-resistant ashtray with canopy is available with 1 or 2 separate inner liners. The delivery includes lock and base plate.
In coated steel or stainless steel Pedestal column with base plate for anchoring Weather-resistant ashtray with canopy for outdoor use
Pedestal ashtray or combi ashtray column for smoking zones in outdoor areas

These pedestal or combi ashtrays in column form have a perforated base. This allows any penetrating rainwater to run off and not accumulate in the container.
The combi ashtrays in column form are made from powder-coated steel. The pedestal ashtrays are also available in stainless steel. Both materials are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use in unprotected outdoor areas. The ashtray liner has a filling volume of 2 l. The separate waste bin in the combi ashtray has a capacity of 5 l. You will receive the pedestal columns including lock and base plate for secure anchoring. The mounting materials and stickers for marking the openings are included in the delivery.

Purchase the weather-resistant column ashtray or the combi ashtray column from us here.
Ashtray type
Stand ashtray
1150 mm
180 mm
150 mm
Waste bins volume
2.0 l
Canopy type
Canopy material
Canopy surface
Canopy colour
Fastening material included
Assembly material included
Sticker included
Net weight
9.0 kg
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