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Tear resistance
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Item number:  124116-GAA
Technical details
material Polyester
Operator type semiautomatic, manual
Tear resistance 11700 N
Stretch 11 %
Core diameter 76 mm
Length 150 m
Width 30 mm
Net weight 3.3 kg
Product description
Flexible PET strapping (PET = polyethylene terephthalate) increases the transport stability of your crates and boxes and keeps them securely closed. It is tear-resistant up to a force of 11,700 N.
A roll of PET tear-resistant strapping, woven and glued Its material properties ensure that it does not cut into cardboard or goods Suitable for manual wrapping
PET strapping – for everyday shipping and storage tasks

You can use this durable PET strapping to securely combine several packages together. The weatherproof PET strapping is suitable for outdoor use.
The break-proof PET strapping is suitable for manual fastening. In order for the strapping to provide sufficient stability, you must tie it down and weld it with a wrapper. The structure of the PET means that the strapping does not cut into the packaging, protecting the surface of the goods. The strapping is also highly durable to its tear resistance of up to 11,700 N, thereby safeguarding even heavy loads. Depending on the version, the strapping measures between 110,000 and 150,000 mm in length on a roll. The width is between 13 and 30 mm.

Order the PET strapping with a core diameter of 76 mm from us here.
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