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Transparency creates transparency. The transparent material of these impact-resistant open-fronted storage bins allows for quick access to the contents and the well organised storage of small parts at the workstation.
Impact-resistant material Quick access to the contents Surrounding stacking edge
Transparent open-fronted storage bins in different sizes

The open-fronted storage bins are available in various sizes for the well organised storage of small parts. The transparent polystyrene allows for well organised storage and the quick retrieval of small parts. Moreover the impact-resistant material withstands mechanical stress.
In addition, the bins are resistant to aqueous alkalis and mineral acids and can be used in ambient temperatures between -40°C and +55°C. Smooth interior surfaces allow for easy cleaning.
The surrounding stacking edge enables several bins to be stacked quickly and easily on top of one another.

Order the transparent open-fronted storage bins for small parts from us here.
External dimension height
75 mm
External dimension width
105 mm
External dimension depth
165 mm
0.6 l
-40 - 55 °C
Inside dimension depth
105 mm
Recessed handle
Inside dimension height
65 mm
Inside dimension width
90 mm
Hanger rack
Suitable for roller conveyors
Edge design
surrounding stacking edge
Net weight
0.09 kg
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