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The META wide-span rack with steel panels can be expanded with add-on units to allow you to create your own individual storage solution. As a result, you can tailor your storage system to your exact requirements.
Corrosion protection: galvanised add-on unit for wide-span racks Adjustable shelves for flexible application Efficient workflows thanks to double-sided access
Expand your wide-span rack with steel panels by means of add-on units

Be it in industry, trade or commerce – differences in spatial conditions and in day-to-day work processes require tailored racking solutions to enable efficient use of the available storage space. With these add-on units for wide-span racks with steel panels, you can plan and implement a storage room setup to satisfy all your requirements.
This storage rack is a durable system designed specifically for use in industrial areas. The wide-span rack is galvanised to protect against corrosion. Using a combination of bolted and boltless assembly, the storage rack is quickly erected and can be easily adapted to the individual location. Thanks to the hole pattern, the height of the shelves can be adjusted in 50 mm increments to suit the goods and materials to be stored.

Expand your wide-span racks with an add-on unit with steel panels and a galvanised finish for utmost durability. Order your rack element in the desired configuration from our shop.
Bay type
Extension module
Nominal height
2200 mm
Nominal width
1800 mm
Nominal depth
650 mm
External dimension height
2200 mm
External dimension width
1851 mm
External dimension depth
650 mm
No. of shelves
Compartment load max.
600 kg
Bay load max.
3200 - 0 kg
Row type
Access options
Screw assembly, Plug assembly
Stand surface
Rack type
Wide-span rack
50 mm
Shelf type
Exterior dimensions add-on unit
Nominal width + 51 mm
Floor material
Steel panel
Net weight
69.97 kg
Floor surface
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