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Item number:  126469-GAA
Technical details
Nominal height 2000 mm
Nominal width 1000 mm
Nominal depth 300 mm
Bay type Extension module
Compartment load max. 150 kg
Bay load max. 1100 kg
No. of shelves 5
Row type single-line
Access options one-sided
Assembly Plug assembly
Quality mark RAL-RG 614/1 (shelving racks)
configurable yes
Stand surface galvanised
Rack type Shelf rack
Grid 25 mm
Shelf type Shelf
Exterior dimensions add-on unit Nominal width + 6 mm / nominal depth + 36 mm
External dimension width 1006 mm
Floor material Steel
Net weight 18.47 kg
External dimension height 2000 mm
Diagonal struts yes
Floor surface galvanised
External dimension depth 336 mm
Product description
The easily adjustable META boltless shelving system is the ideal solution for any warehouse. With add-on units for your modular META shelf rack, you can respond to changes in your production processes with utmost speed and efficiency.
Add-on unit for modular rack with galvanised surfaces Quick and simple installation and conversion thanks to boltless assembly Height-adjustable shelves for optimum space utilisation Shelf load of up to 150 kg Certified safety with quality mark RAL-RG 614
The add-on unit for a META shelf rack combines stability and flexibility

Simplify the day-to-day running of your warehouse with a boltless rack system. The boltless META shelving system is easily assembled and converted, thus allowing you to adapt it to changing requirements in a flash. The boltless META shelf rack can also be expanded at any time with further add-on units.
The shelves of the boltless META add-on unit are made from durable steel plate, which retains its shape even when subjected to heavy loads. The height of the shelves can be adjusted in 25 mm increments, thus enabling flexible adaptation to different package sizes. The boltless rack is galvanised, making the surfaces of the META shelving highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Rear bracing supports the robust construction of the modular rack and provides additional stability. Single-sided access ensures well-organised, systematic storage of your goods.

Expand your galvanised, boltless META shelf rack to suit your requirements by ordering suitable add-on units with a shelf load of 150 kg from our shop.
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