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Does your warehouse have to accommodate long goods in the form of heavy pipes, beams or poles? Then special racks are a great help. META cantilever racking is ideal for limited storage space on walls as it has a one-sided design.
One-sided cantilever racks for walls Cantilever arms in different lengths are already welded on the uprights Maximum load capacity per arm 220 kg Expansion possible with add-on units
Cantilever racks for the efficient storage of pipes and long goods

Metal pipes, wooden beams, poles, as well as sheet and plate goods in over-long lengths pose special challenges for warehouse management. If these goods are among your regular warehouse items, you should facilitate their storage with specially designed racking systems. As this META cantilever rack can be loaded only from one side, it is located on walls or against the back of other racks. It is suitable for all types of long goods because the integrated roll-off protection allows for the correct loading of all pipe and roll-shaped products.
The racks can be constructed quickly because the 7 cantilever arms are already welded to the uprights. They can withstand loads of up to 220 kg. As a base unit, the cantilever racks are available in various sizes. They can easily be expanded with the appropriate add-on units.

Create space in your warehouse for over-long items and purchase the cantilever racks from us here.
Nominal height
2000 mm
Nominal width
1000 mm
Nominal depth
400 mm
Bay type
Base module
Bay load max.
1750 - 0 kg
No. of levels
Axle distance
1030 mm
Load per arm max.
220 - 0 kg
Row type
Access options
Screw assembly, Plug assembly
Quality mark
RAL-RG 614/5 (cantilever shelves)
No. of uprights
Rack type
Cantilever rack
100 mm
External dimension width
1094 mm
Effective depth
400 mm
Uprights RAL colour
RAL 5010 gentian blue
Net weight
72.01 kg
External dimension height
2000 mm
CAD drawing
External dimension depth
610 mm

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