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These load-bearing pallet support beams facilitate the easy crosswise storage of Euro pallets. For this purpose, integrate the pallet support beams for META MULTIPAL into the respective rack levels of your warehouse system.
Lightweight racking beam in steel Load-bearing beam for Euro pallets Each pair has a capacity of up to 1100 kg
Racking beam able to withstand significant loads

The beam for Euro pallets is made from steel which is resistant to deformation. This makes it extremely durable and facilitates the crosswise stacking of your pallets. At least 2 support beams are required to support a pallet. Each pair has a load capacity of up to 1100 kg. The frame depth is 1100 mm for each.
Our range offers 2 different versions of racking beam: Either galvanised or with a red/orange coating.

Order the sturdy META MULTIPAL support beams for the crosswise stacking of pallets from our shop.
1100 mm
Capacity per pair
1100 kg
Net weight

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