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The META Holm is a worthwhile addition to the MULTIPAL range of pallet racking. The support beams can be integrated into your storage racks, creating shelves for your goods which are able to withstand significant loads.
META bar as storage and support area for storage pallets The load-bearing capacity of a pair of beams is several tonnes 1800, 2700 or 3600 mm long for individual space requirements
The META MULTIPAL bars – for the secure storage of pallets

Integrate these supports able to withstand significant loads into your storage rack. They also carry heavy pallets securely and reliably.
The robust META MULTIPAL bars are available in different versions with a length of 1800, 2700 or 3600 mm. All versions of the META MULTIPAL bars have a load capacity of several tonnes. To support a pallet you need at least 2 bars.

Order the META MULTIPAL bars for your storage racks at the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP.
RAL colour
RAL 2001 red orange
1800 mm
50 mm
Net weight
7.25 kg
Technical Properties
  • max. Belastung je Holmpaar bei Fachhöhe 1.500 mm:
  • Ständerrahmen 85/20: 2.250 kg
  • Ständerrahmen 100/20: 2.300 kg
  • Ständerrahmen 120/20: 2.400 kg
Holm Typ
85 mm
Rack type
85/20, 100/20, 120/20

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