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Item number:  143615-GAA
Product variants
Type 3
1000 - 125 kg
Fork pockets outer distance
600 mm
Fork pockets inside clearance
160 mm
Fork pockets inside width
220 mm
Fork pockets inside height
80 mm
RAL colour
RAL 2000 yellow orange
1600 mm
Hook position support capacity
  • 1. Hook position 1.000 kg
  • 2. Hook position 300 kg
  • 3. Hook position 225 kg
  • 4. Hook position 200 kg
  • 5. Hook position 175 kg
  • 6. Hook position 150 kg
  • 7. Hook position 125 kg
Net weight
55 kg
Hook position clearance
  • 1. Hook position 875 mm
  • 2. Hook position 1.600 mm
  • 3. Hook position 1.780 mm
  • 4. Hook position 1.960 mm
  • 5. Hook position 2.140 mm
  • 6. Hook position 2.320 mm
  • 7. Hook position 2.500 mm
This telescopic load arm offers a range of adjustment options and is easily adapted to suit your individual workflows. Its extended reach and lift height allows you to transport even the bulkiest of goods to their required location.
Robust load arm, telescopic extension for flexible reach Robust steel construction with painted or galvanised surfaces 2 positions (with 7 length settings) for 1 supplied swivel hook
Flexible telescopic arm to extend the reach of forklift trucks

A telehandler allows you to extend both the horizontal and vertical reach of your forklift truck. This is particularly useful when transporting bulky goods or stocking high shelves.
The telescopic load arm is made from highly durable steel and can be adapted to your specific requirements with 7 adjustable length settings. It is secured in the selected position using locking pins. The load arm is equipped with support feet, meaning that it can also be used with a support arm stacker. You simply insert the fork arms into the fork pockets and secure the telescopic load arm to the mast of the truck using a chain. The swivel hook is also secured with locking pins and can be attached at the centre or front end of the load arm. Combined with the telescopic function, this allows you to use a number of different handling positions.

The telescopic load arm with 2 hook positions and 7 length settings can handle loads of up to 1000 kg. Order the telescopic load arm "model 3" from our shop today.
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