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Item number:  199557-GAA
Technical details
Working height 5.31 m
Standing height 0.31 - 3.31 m
Width 750 mm
Battery type Lead gel battery
Capacity of material rack 100 kg
Capacity 215 kg
Lift motor output 2.2 kW
Depth 1520 mm
Turning radius 1250 mm
Lift 3000 mm
Swivel castor diameter 250 mm
Fixed castor width 65 mm
No. of swivel castors 2 Stk.
Fixed castor diameter 300 mm
Net weight 615 kg
Travel speed, laden/unladen 8 / 8 km/h
Mast height 1410 - 4426 mm
Swivel castor width 50 mm
Lift speed with/without load 0,25 / 0,25 m/s
Lowering speed with/without load 0,21 / 0,21 m/s
No. of batteries 4
Platform width 681 mm
No. of fixed castors 2 Stk.
Battery weight 120 kg
Operator type Order picker
Drive motor power 1.0 kW
Battery capacity 192 Ah/per unit
Platform depth 595 mm
Drive electric
Battery voltage 24 V/per unit
Product description
With the EKM 202 small parts order picker, the ladder is a thing of the past. It safely and reliably transports you to the required location, where it can be extended to an order picking height of 5314 mm and loaded with goods weighing up to 100 kg.
2.2 kW lift motor 192 Ah battery, maintenance-free On-board charger with spiral cable for any 230 V socket Doors close automatically Robust steel frame and stable mast
Passenger lift, ladder and transport facility all in one

Enclosed in a robust steel frame, the EKM 202 small parts order picker from Jungheinrich not only impresses with its superior quality, but also with its superb flexibility. The EKM 202 is ideal for performing classic order picking duties in warehouses. However, due to its compact size with a width of just 760 mm, it is also suitable for smaller spaces such as stores. Thanks to the robust mast with an order picking height of 5300 mm, maintenance work on ceilings is just as easily accomplished as order picking activities on the third rack level.
Capacitive sensors are fitted for mandatory two-hand operation. This control method is not only intuitive, but also safe since the operator cannot reach outside the truck. The Jungheinrich EKM 202 small parts order picker is easily controlled via the convenient, ergonomic steering knob as well as a travel switch with thumb operation. A defined zero position ensures safe and simple reversing and straight-ahead travel.
The 2.2 kW lift motor raises the order picker reliably to the correct height, even while in motion. This allows you to move directly towards the relevant products on the rack. The doors close automatically ensuring that the operator area is secure before lifting can commence. For additional safety, you can opt for a model with automatic locking. In this case, the doors cannot be opened until the order picker is fully lowered.
The EKM 202 features a total capacity of 235 kg, distributed across the platform and storage tray. The storage tray can hold up to 100 kg and features slotted holes to provide a clear view. When supporting several or larger items, it can be adjusted in height so that the operator once again has an unobstructed view.
We offer the small parts order picker in different versions. In addition to the base model, we also offer the EKM 202 with an electrically adjustable platform, automatic door locking, flashing lights and warning sounds, or only with the adjustable platform and automatic door locking.

Purchase the Jungheinrich EKM 202 small parts order picker from our shop and benefit from enhanced safety and greater productivity while reducing the strain on your employees.

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